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Thanks for stopping by the "Pantry" I'm Paula (AKA Paw~La),
the mastermind and baker. .

I've been blessed to share my life with many dogs from Poodles to Pit Bulls. All of them hold a special place in my heart. My current fur-baby, Shebah the Rottweiler, is the President & C.T.O. (chief tasting officer) of the Pantry.

A little about how "Paw~La's Pantry" came to be...

It began with all the pet product related recalls. I heard so many horror stories about people losing their fur-kids  due to poisoning and imported products. I had enough! I just couldn't and wouldn't trust most store bought products anymore.
I started researching pet foods/treats and their ingredients.. what are some of those really long scientific words anyway?? I'll tell you and save you the months of research! It's all a bunch of junk that I wouldn't put in my body so why would I want my beloved pets ingesting it?? So I decided to bake Shebah her very own treats...

I have attended webinars, I read & I listened until I was ready to start with a concoction of recipes..
Through trial, error and many, many hours in the kitchen I am now offering the best of the best to you and your fur family!

PaulaAll of my products are baked fresh from scratch when ordered. They are made with human-grade ingredients. No slaughter house leftovers! (sorry to be so graphic). I use the best ingredients like Natural Peanut Butter, Pure Pumpkin, Apples, Whole Grain Oats, Coconut, Carob and many herbs & spices that have health benefits for your pooch. I utilize Brown Rice Flour which is gluten free and great for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies. I use absolutely NO WHEAT, CORN or SOY! All of which are among the most common allergens in dogs. There's no additives, preservatives or chemicals added to my home made goodies (or nummies as I may refer to them as from time to time, can't say it out loud though or my girl goes running to the kitchen looking for a "nummy").

I know my home made treats will bring a smile to your puppies face. You can smile knowing you're feeding your baby the best!

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